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February 2013. Blackstone Audio announces that they will be publishing audio versions of the two Jim Wolf thrillers, as well as Harry and The Pink Tarantula. Look for these in the fall of 2013.

July 2012. Thrillerfest VII. Wohlforth attends Thrillerfest VII July 13-14 in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. He will appear on the panel What Are the Bones of a Thriller? Friday at 9 a.m.

June 2012. Ashland Book Fair, Ashland, Oregon. Tim Wohlforth moderates a panel How to Write Killer Crime Fiction to be held at the Ashland Book Fair on June 23, 2012 at the Hannon Library on the Southern Oregon University campus.

April 2012. Left Coast Crime. Wohlforth was a panelist on Shorts, talking about writing short form mystery, and was also a panelist on Men of Mystery. Enjoy this JibJab video produced in support of Men of Mystery, and shown at Left Coast Crime - watch for Tim Wohlforth dancing and enjoying his beer!!

Macintosh HD:Users:timwohlforth:Desktop:blocks_image_20_1.pngNovember 2011. Men of Mystery! Tim Wohlforth will be participating in the 12th Annual Men of Mystery Luncheon held Saturday November 19th, 2011 at the Irvine California Marriott Hotel. Guest speakers are Lawrence Block and William Kent Krueger. For more information www.MenOfMystery.org

October 2011.  Publishing in Today's Market sponsored by Josephine County Libraries featured Tim Wohlforth among others. Wohlforth recommended investigating your options with agents and traditional publishers before deciding to self publish. Traditional publishers and small presses will be more likely to pay you for your work, and have they will help you reach an audience beyond your immediate friends. The panel was held on October 21, 2011 in Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

September 2011. Short story Big Emma's published in Over My Dead Body. It was a windy rainy night and Jim Wolf was perched on a stool at Big Emma's, the Victorian bar on Jack London Square when: "the door opened. Gusts of rain-soaked wind blew in around a lone figure wearing a tan full-length gabardine raincoat. Not Target. More like Neiman-Marcus. Water dripped from the rim of a matching hat. A large leather bag - I'd bet Coach- hung from her shoulder. She had short-bobbed, rich brown hair and the largest deep brown eyes I had ever seen. The pupils left little room for the white of the eye. Like the button eyes on a teddy bear. Gave her a child-like look. She seemed bewildered as she searched the room." She found Wolf and took him on an adventure he would never forget.

Read the whole story at: www.OverMyDeadBody.com. This publication in Over My Dead Body has a special meaning for me. Cheri Jung, who edits this magazine bought my very first story The Black Cat ten years ago when the publication was a print magazine.

June 2011. Nigel Bird has been featuring  mystery writers interviewing themselves on his blog Sea Minor. This way we get the questions we really want to answer. I'm up there right now. In the interest of full disclosure the interview is not conducted entirely by me. Henrietta from my novel/short story collection Pink Tarantula walks into the middle of it.

May 2011. Send My Love, and a Molotov Cocktail: Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion. Edited by Gary Phillips and Andrea  Gibbons, Molotov includes Tim Wohlforth's One Dark Berkeley Night and short stories by Sara Paretsky, Paco Taibo II and others. An incendiary mixture of genres and voices, this collection of short stories compiles a unique set of work that revolves around riots, revolts, and revolution. One Dark Berkeley Night by Tim Wohlforth: In a story spanning decades, the ambush shooting of a cop one lonely night in Berkeley in the ‘70s echoes into the present for several people who have a lot to lose should the truth come out. Send My Love, and a Molotov Cocktail is available from your local bookstore, from PM Press  ($19.95) and from Amazon/Kindle ($9.99)

April 2011. Naked Came the Rogue, a Serial Mystery Set in Southern Oregon's Jackson County. Wohlforth writes the first and last chapters of this serial mystery, available online at AshlandMystery.com

March 2011. Oregon, the State of Mystery- Writing and Publishing Mystery and Crime Fiction. Wohlforth presents on Writing the Short Form Mystery at this event on March 26, 2011 in Medford, Oregon. The event was part of Jackson County Reads Mysteries!

January 2011.
Blood Ties / Final Cut: A Split Novella by Tim Wohlforth / J. Vandersteen.
  Read it here as a .pdf!

November 2010.
Platypus Society at the University of Chicago hosted the public forum, Rethinking the New Left,
moderated by Spencer A. Leonard. The panel consisted of Osha Neumann, a former member of the New York anarchist group in the 1960s, Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers; Mark Rudd, former member and national secretary of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and later a member of the Weather Underground; Tim Wohlforth, founder and national secretary of the Young Socialist Alliance in 1959; and Alan Spector, who was a full-time organizer for SDS for more than five years in the 1960s. The forum was held on November 9, 2010. Here's a transcript of Rethinking the New Left and an audiofile of the session.

February 2010.
The Seven Rays, Wohlforth's story about cults and crime set primarily on California's Central Coast, is now up at Mysterical-e

Allen Trimble, a freshman at Baxter University in Ohio, enters the Yellow Deli to get a bite to eat. He does not come out. When his sister Marilyn and girlfriend Barbara investigate they discover that the Yellow Deli is the front for a religious cult called The Church of the Seven Rays. Barbara decides to join the cult in an effort to save Allen from The Messenger, a huge man with a spider web tattooed on his head and neck. Each day she reports back to Marilyn.

One day she does not. Marilyn goes to the Yellow Deli. It has disappeared. She seeks the help of Scott Harris who lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, California. Born and brought up in a cult, he escaped to become a cult exit counselor. The trail leads them to a theosophic community on the Central Coast of California and a confrontation with The Messenger.

January 2010.
The Pink Tarantula
, a Crip & Henrietta tale set in Huntington Beach will be  published in Plots With Guns in January.

A dark blue Toyota low-riding rice burner, windows tinted black, pulled into an angle slot between a Mercedes and a Lexus SUV. On Main, three blocks up from the pier. Seated in the front seat was a tall muscular man, around 35, with dirty blond hair, wearing mirror sunglasses. He waited and checked out the scene. No one on the sidewalk. No traffic on the street.The man stepped out into the blazing sun. His face had the kind of burnt tan that marked him as a local. A surfer or a lifeguard. There were hundreds like him in Huntington Beach. He reached inside the trunk, pulled out a black ski mask and put it over his head. Then he grabbed a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun and closed the trunk.The blond man walked towards a store with a sign hanging over the door - “Pink Tarantula – Coiffeur.”

The masked man fired one round of buckshot directly into the head of the proprietor. Pieces of flesh and dyed red hair soaked in blood, spattered the walls, ceilings, and the young woman in the chair. In less than a second a place of extravagant beauty was transformed into a macabre scene of carnage.

June 2008.
Hardcore Hardboiled, a collection of neo-noir fiction from Thuglit, a trendsetting ezine edited by Todd Robinson, has just been published by Kensington Books. The collection includes Juanita by Tim Wohlforth.

Juanita awakens naked in a pool of sweat. She staggers out of bed, throws on a threadbare pink robe, shoves her stubby toes into her bunny rabbit slippers, and heads downstairs. She discovers her husband, Albert, lying on the floor with a gaping hole in his chest. “Shit,” she shouts, “somebody finally got the bastard. Calls for a drink.”

“If you’re man enough,” Otto Penzler says in his introduction, “you’ll love this book. If you’re not, give it to your girlfriend. If she accepts it and enjoys it, never turn your back on her.”

The book is available as a quality paperback at local bookstores and on Amazon for $14.00.

May 2008.
Two of my short stories are now available in audio at a new site: www.sniplits.com. This site features a variety of short stories from different genres in MP-3 format. This means you can download them to your iPod or play them on your computer. The stories are sold, like songs, for $.88 each. Check the stories out. I would love to hear your reaction. Spread the word about this new outlet for short stories.

L'il Joe's Blues. Set back in the time when rock & roll was born while the blues still survive, a college boy confronts a killer while L'il Joe plays on and on....

Killer Fog. Jack London Square is shrouded in a thick suffocating fog the night PI Jim Wolf agrees to protect a young woman who has the largest deep brown eyes he has ever seen...

Hardcord Hardboiled, with Tim Wohlforth's short story, Juanita

April 2008.
A new Crip & Henrietta story, Alvin's Choice, is now available on line in the current issue of  Back Alley. Crip is determined to stop Alvin, Henrietta's white supremist boyfriend, from  assassinating an abortion doctor.  Back Alley is a new e-zine dedicated to hardboiled and noir mystery writing.  In its  first year of existence, the e-zine has garnered two Derringer Award nominations. On a personal note, Wohlforth's mother, who was a gifted novel writer, worked for years for Planned Parenthood ghosting material for Margaret Sanger. She would have liked this story.

February 2008.
A new story of Wohlforth’s, The Mask, is now available on line in the current issue of
www.mystericale.com. Victoria Renard, a TV crime report who never came across a dead body she didn’t like, investigates the death of two young women, hands tied, bags over their heads, grotesque masks on their faces. And it’s almost Halloween. The story is based on a real event that occurred on the California coast.

January 2008. Meet Tim Wohlforth on YouTube, with an excerpt from his June 2007 interview with Ed Battistella on Ashland Mystery rvtv noir. You'll get a taste of Wohlforth's writing with a reading from No Time To Mourn, narrated by Garth Pitman.

December 2007. The Masseuse has been listed as a Distinguished Mystery Story of 2006 in Otto Penzler's just released Best American Mystery Stories 2007. The Masseuse originally appeared in the Mystery Writers of America anthology Death Do Us Part edited by Harlan Coben published by Little Brown.  This is the second time one of Wohlforth's stories has been chosen by Penzler. Jesus Christ Is Dead was similarly honored in the 2005 edition of Best American Mystery Stories.

November 2007. Short suspense story Sophie is now available at candidcanine.blogspot.com.  Originally published in Futures Magazine, it is a tale about the rescue of a mini-dachshund from a puppy mill. The blog also includes the story behind the story, a photo of the inspirer of the story, and a miniature painting of the miniature dog by a very talented woman in the Netherlands.

November 17, 2007.  Wohlforth exhibited at the Southern Oregon Book & Author Fair held on the campus of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon on Saturday, November 17th between 10 am and 4 pm. He had a number of his books and anthologies with him, including rare hard-to-find volumes.

September 27, 2007.  Wohlforth was a panelist on Size Doesn’t Matter at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in Anchorage, September 27-29, 2007. The panel is moderated by Andrew Gulli of Strand Magazine. Wohlforth also has his own 25m segment as part of the Author’s Choice track.

Tim Wohlforth's No Time to Mourn has produced several rave reviews and a newspaper article. In addition Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine has interviewed the author and Thrilling Detective has added Jim Wolf's biography to its extensive listing of fictional private detectives. We have gathered all this material here for your convenience. Just click and enjoy!

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