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Tim Wohlforth is a writer of fiction and non-fiction for over forty years. He lives in Ashland, Oregon with his wife and two dogs. Much of his fiction are crime-based stories set in Northern California and Southern Oregon. He is a published author of novels, anthology contributions and short stories.

You can see and hear Tim Wohlforth in the You Tube video of Tim Wohlforth's interview with Ed Battistella, on Ashland Mystery rvtv noir  where he talks about his writings and California Noir.  This is followed by a reading from his novel No Time to Mourn.

Wohlforth has also written several non-fiction books. The most recent is On the Edge, Political Cults Right and Left published by M. E. Sharpe. His memoir of his experiences on the left, The Prophet's Children was published by Humanities Press.

No Time to Mourn, by Tim Wohlforth, is now available from Krill Press Tim Wohlforth’s California noir novel, No Time to Mourn was published by Quiet Storm Press and has just been reissued by Krill Press as the first of a three book Jim Wolf series. Wohlforth has had more than seventy-five short stories published and speaks widely on writing short form crime fiction. His story “The Masseuse” was chosen for inclusion in MWA's Death Do Us Part, edited by Harlan Coben. Recently it was short-listed by Otto Penzler in his 2007 Best American Mystery Stories. This is the second time Penzler has selected a story by Tim Wohlforth for that honor.

Tim Wohlforth on California Noir, interviewed by Ed Battistella for Ashland Mystery, rvtv noir

Dennis McMillan has published a Crip and Henrietta story as part of his Plots With Guns anthology. He has also appeared in Techno-Noir, Short Attention Span Mysteries and Never Safe anthologies.  His short story One Dark Berkeley Night has appeared in Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail anthology.

Wohlforth is a Pushcart Prize Nominee and has received a Certificate of Excellence from the Dana Literary Society. His stories have appeared in Futures Magazine, Detective Mystery Magazine, Crimestalker Casebook, Storyteller, Orchard Press, Hand Held Crime, Plots With Guns, Mysterical-e, Hardluck Stories, Without A Clue, SDO Detective, StoryOne, Dana On Line, CyberPulp, Thrilling Detective, Mindfire, Shred of Evidence (2004 Readers Choice Winner), Crimson Dagger, ThugLit, Echelon, Fictionwise, Sony Downloads, Sniplit, Web Mystery Magazine, Writers Hood, Flashing In The Gutters, Demolition, and Mouthful of Bullets.

He has moderated panels and participated as a panelist at Left Coast Crimes in Portland, Monterey, Pasadena, and Seattle as well as at Bouchercon in Washington DC, Las Vegas, and Anchorage.

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