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Wohlforth's sociological and political works stand out as important contributions.
On the Edge: Political Cults Right and LeftOn the Edge: Political Cults Right and Left
By Dennis Tourish and Tim Wohlforth
Published by M. E. Sharpe
Format: Hardcover 246 pp.
ISBN: 0765606399
Available from Amazon.com (17+ pp. on view), barnesandnoble.com, and independent bookstores. Usually ships in one to two days.

This ground-breaking analysis of political cults on both the left and right describes the characteristics of cults and explains their importance for mainstream political organizations. This is the first book to document the extent of political cults on both the right and left and explain their significance for mainstream political organizations.

The authors outline the defining characteristics of cults in general, and analyze the degree to which a variety of well-known movements fall within the spectrum of cultic organizations. The book covers such individuals and groups as Lyndon LaRouche, Fred Newman, Ted Grant, Marlene Dixon, the Christian Identity movement, Posse Commitatus, Aryan Nation, militias, and the Freemen. It explores the ideological underpinnings that predispose cult followers to cultic practices, along with the measures cults use to suppress dissent, achieve intense conformity, and extract extraordinary levels of commitment.

Critical Acclaim for On the Edge:

"The Tourish and Wohlforth study has great importance not only in revealing the large gamut of cultic political movements but in suggesting the common characteristics, and the considerable danger, of cultic politics in general"     -- Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.

"Every American parent with a college-age child should read this book ."    -- Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates

"The book is wonderfully written and provides a glimpse into the mindset of some rather scary people."     -- Phillip G. Clampitt 

"The misdeeds of cultists like Lyndon LaRouche and Fred Newman should be better known, and here is a book that deals with them authoritatively."    -- Werner Cohn

"Document[s] the influence of political cults in both right and left wings."    -- Booknews

"This discussion of the political dimensions of cult groups is helpful and interesting, as are a number of the detail-rich case studies"
    -- D. R. Imig, University of Memphis, Choice.

"For those who need a quick reference guide to some contemporary political cults in America, On The Edge is a useful source."
    -- Philip Abbott, Wayne State University, Utopian Studies.


Prophet's Children: Travels on theProphet's Children: Travels on the American Left American Left
By Tim Wohlforth
Published by Humanity Books
Format: Paperback 332 pp.
ISBN: 1573922854
Available from Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and independent bookstores. Usually ships usually in five to seven days.

Wohlforth's insightful and moving autobiography details his life on the Left from the dark days of McCarthyism to the collapse of the 1960s student and anti-war movements in the 1970s.

Prophet's Children presents a moving personal account of a life lived on the American Left. Wohlforth's text is interspersed with extracts from the files held on him by the FBI, thus providing an interesting picture of the watchers as well as the watched and raising questions about such surveillance of private citizens in a free democratic society.

Praise for Prophet's Children:

" Your work will be of enormous assistance to many scholars in this field."     -- Alan Wald, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"Your autobiography will provide a new chapter in a still little-known field"    -- Paul Buhle, Oral History of the American Left

"I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance and timeliness of your project."    -- Samuel Farber, Brooklyn College

"If you are like me and trying to understand how to rebuild the American left, then this is a book you should read."
    -- Thomas Seay

Communist Against Revolution Cover
Political Theory - Wohlforth's two volumes of cogent political analysis, one in English and the other in Spanish, deal with the expansion of the Soviet Union' state socialist model after World War II. A limited number of copies of these long out-of-print books are available directly from the author.


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